Our Story



Originating on the big island of Hawai’i, Kohana Wai Nutraceutical Grade Nutrition is social-cause-driven, eco-responsible, authentic raw cold-pressed juice (Never Pasteurized.)


Providing cutting edge physiological healing, socially responsible, affordable, and ecologically sustaining products in an effort to support the whole range of human health.


We cut through the radical health trends, providing a profound effect on your energy and appearance, while empowering you to take control of your health, longevity, and life.


Brian Jason Otting - Founder


Kohana Wai was developed by founder Brian Jason Otting.

Growing up in Hollywood, California, and as many do,

he worked in the entertainment industry for most of his

career as an award-winning producer and marketing executive. Long hours in the office and production suites, Brian burnt himself out and retired in 2002, and traveled through Asia experiencing for the first time an abundance of fresh foods and herbs, learning from local Shamans, Chinese Medicine practitioners and energy healers about the importance of live organic foods and herbs.


Upon returning to the states, he jumped right back into a fast paced lifestyle, and as many Americans do, found himself eating processed foods, feeling sluggish and instantly gaining weight.  Out of necessity, he began juicing in his kitchen and embarked on a 46 day cleanse, drinking only vegetable and fruit juices.  He discovered how quickly his body was transformed into a powerhouse of energy, well-being, and mental focus.


Through additional research and training from doctors and health care professionals, he developed Kohana Wai on the Big Island of Hawai’i, providing nutraceutial grade nutrition to his local community.


Brian quickly saw his company grow and knew the importance of what his mission was… Connecting lifestyle and community through nutrition. Dedicating his life to providing cutting edge liquid nutrition in a self-sustaining company benefiting each community where his juice is sold.

Who We Are

KOHANA WAI uses the number one rated hydraulic cold-press machine in the world.


The same machines are used by the leading institute for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.


Cold-Pressing is the process of extracting nutrient rich juice on a cellular level from organic, all natural, local, vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and nuts using hydraulic press technology, unleashing all the hidden nutrients for your body to assimilate, while nourishing your immune system directly.


With KOHANA WAI Cold-Pressed Nutrition you receive  75% - 100%  more principal elements, enzymes, vitamins, and phytonutrients than juicers, blenders, and all gadgets as seen on TV.


All insoluble fiber is removed so 100% of the body’s energy can be used for healing and strengthening rather than the digestive process.

How We Do It